Bawtry Carbon has experience of the aluminium smelting sector stretching back to 1971 and has developed a deep knowledge of the manufacture of carbon cathodes and paste. Bawtry Carbon employs a team of experienced electrical and mechanical engineers who ensure that our plant and equipment is maintained to the highest standard.

Our History

On 12th October 2019 Bawtry Carbon was acquired by Enact, a UK private equity investor. Enact focuses on mid market investments and is part of Endless LLP which was founded 13 years ago, and which has established an excellent reputation for investing in and developing businesses in the industrial sector.

Enact supports its investments with financial and management capability and develops management teams who understand the needs of modern manufacturing.

In making this investment Enact recognised the potential of Bawtry Carbon Limited to build on its already excellent reputation in the aluminium smelting sector.

Endless LLP/Enact have made 84 investments since 2005 and have raised over £1 billion in funds securing over 40,000 jobs.