Fired Products

Cathode Blocks

High quality carbon cathode blocks produced at our manufacturing facility in the UK to meet our customers requirements using Electrically Calcined Anthracite (ECA) and Graphite.

Our Fired Cathode range comprises:

  • Carbon C Cathode block based on 100% ECA
  • Carbon G30 Cathode block based on 70% ECA and 30% graphite
  • Carbon G50 Cathode block based on 50% ECA and 50% graphite
  • Carbon G100 Cathode block based on 100% graphite

Technical Specs & Info

Physical PropertiesUnit of MeasurementCarbon CCarbon G30Carbon G50Carbon G100
Bulk DensityKg/m31530158015801620
Cold Crushing StrengthMN/m233292626
Electrical ResistivityOhm.mm2/m42302516
Apparent Porosity%15141618
True DensityKg/m31920200020802170
Cold Modulus of RuptureMN/m212111111
Thermal Conductivity at 200cW/m.k7.815.222.035.0
Electrical Resistivity
Preformed Sidewalls
Preformed Sidewalls

Our preformed sidewalls can be requested in the same range of qualities as our cathodes. These are available in a vast array of shapes and sizes to meet our customer requirements.

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