Unfired Products

Pastes, Mortars & Stub Coatings

Our ramming pastes, mortars and stub coatings have been specifically formulated to work with our range of fired carbon cathodes and preformed sidewalls.

Ramming Pastes

Super Ram CP45 & CP50 (Traditional Cold Ramming Paste)

Our Super Ram products use a specially formulated binder system to give improved properties.

Ekopaste 50 (Low PAH Cold Ramming Paste)

A low PAH binder gives a drastic reduction in toxic emissions to improve potlining conditions.

PureRam (PAH-Free Ramming Paste)

PureRam uses an innovative binder system that is completely free of PAHs, BaP and Phenols. This new generation clean paste gives comparable properties to traditional ramming paste yet eliminates the PAH emission to both environment and personnel. PureRam also offers longer shelf life than the majority of traditional pastes.

As an added advantage, PureRam eliminates the disposal expense often associated with conventional ramming pastes and simplifies administration such as customs entries due to its non-hazardous product classification.

TECHNICAL SPECS & INFO (* Properties fired to 1000°C in reducing conditions)
Physical PropertiesUnit of MeasurementCP45CP50Ekopaste 50PureRam
Bulk Density - properties as suppliedkg/m31670166016601650
Apparent Porosity*%16.5201920
Bulk Density*kg/m31520147014901450
Cold Crushing Strength*MN/m220141514
Electrical Resistivity*Ohm.mm²/m55606065
Volume Change*%+0.4+0.6+0.4+1.2
True Density*kg/m32000200020002000
Ash Content*%

High Thermal Conductivity Cold Pastes

Super Ram CP55 (High Thermal Conductivity Cold Paste)

This semi-graphitic paste offers higher thermal conductivity to give a better thermal balance in higher amperage cells.

CARBLOX HCB (High Thermal Conductivity Cold Paste)

Used to give a low resistivity connection between collector bar and cathode block.

TECHNICAL SPECS & INFO (* Properties fired to 1000°C in reducing conditions)
Physical PropertiesUnit of MeasurementHCBCP55
Bulk Density - properties as suppliedkg/m317401710
Thermal Conductivity @ 100°C*W/mK2310
Thermal Conductivity @ 200°C*W/mK2310
Thermal Conductivity @ 400°C*W/mK2110
Apparent Porosity*%2121
Bulk Density*kg/m315801540
Cold Crushing Strength*MN/m21721
Electrical Resistivity*Ohm.mm²/m2439
Volume Change*%-0.8+0.2
Ash Content*%0.64.4


Carbon Airset Mortar

A silicon carbide based air setting mortar suitable for jointing all carbon and silicon carbide products.

Morset Mortar

Gives a faster setting time to help speed up the relining process.

Stub Coatings

Anode Stub Protection Pastes

Anode stub protection pastes are a proven cost effective way of reducing gross anode consumption. They also offer the following benefits:

  • increased anode life
  • less repair of damaged stubs
  • low iron contamination in the aluminium bath
  • reduced anode butt return

We offer the following products in this range:


A specially formulated mixture of carbon aggregate and coal tar pitch.


A reduced PAH version of StubGuard, offering superior HSE performance.

Graphite Stub Coatings

Graphite stub coatings are applied to the anode butt prior to casting and provide a plane of weakness between the stub and the iron, proving a cost effective way of removing the cast iron after the anode has been removed from the reduction cell.


A newly developed coating designed to offer the following benefits:

  • easy stripping of the spent anode
  • reduced stub damage
  • even stub coating to minimise stub to iron contact
  • superior environmental performance versus organic solvent systems
  • no additional agitation required
  • can be easily tailored to suit customer requirements
  • suitable for application by spraying or dipping

More Products

Cathode Blocks
Cathode Blocks

Our Fired Cathode range comprises:

  • Carbon C Cathode block
  • Carbon G30 Cathode block
  • Carbon G50 Cathode block
  • Carbon G100 Cathode block

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