Health & Safety

Bawtry Carbon places great emphasis on Health & Safety at work, we risk assess all activities, and encourage the reporting of near misses. Regular management inspections occur at all levels. Companies that go beyond ‘ticking boxes’ to building a culture of safety and health reap benefits far greater than legal compliance. It starts with investing in the training and development of their Health & Safety representatives.

Health & Safety

“We will only be satisfied when every employee returns home safely every day”

Carl Hammerton, Bawtry Managing Director

At Bawtry Carbon we take the proactive approach and use our SHE trained employees properly. That way we have additional pairs of eyes on the shop floor that can assist in preventing incidents and injuries, and qualified individuals who can train the shop floor in SHE attitudes. Our training programme includes how to identify safety, health and environmental hazards in the workplace, and provide a better understanding of the site-specific methodology for conducting risk assessments. It encourages active participation in risk-assessment sessions on the shop floor.

In support of this we train our employees and contractors to conduct behavioural observations, as well as on the fundamentals of engaging with employees and contractors in a constructive and motivating way. Bawtry training includes the following six-step process for behavioural auditing:

  • observing before approaching
  • introducing themselves and the purpose of the observation session
  • commenting on positive issues
  • discussing concerns and barriers
  • agreeing on safe methods of doing the task
  • thanking the person for his/her time

Legal compliance is a minimum requirement. Responsible and sustainable companies – companies like Bawtry where people love to go to work – move beyond simple compliance to implement programmes that support employees in understanding and communicating about safety and health, so everybody can go home safely, each and every day.

Carl Hammerton, Bawtry Carbon Managing Director says, “We will only be satisfied when every employee returns home safely every day. In 2019 we put safety into a family context by encouraging the children of Bawtry employees to create posters spelling out how important it is to them that their mother or father comes home safely. We displayed these posters at the site and they made an appreciable difference to employee attitudes to safety. We seek to find new ways to promote this message.”